Emma works as a 1:1 coach, counsellor and speaker helping women and men discover the life they always dreamed of.

She utilises a wholistic approach and a combination of techniques, including counselling, EFT, FasterEFT, breathing exercises, meditation, boxing therapy, art therapy, cooking and so much more.

Emma is also highly experienced as a children’s counsellor, working with children as young as 6.

Emma works with clients to help them master their inner game and heal the mindset blocks that are holding them back.

Emma offers sessions from Norwood, while recently expanding to offer online courses and Zoom sessions to men and women all over the world.

Emma likes people to know that no condition, problem or emotion is too big or small for them to benefit from a session.

After Emma completed high school she graduated with a Double Business Degree from the University of South Australia. Emma then left University to work for a building company. After 5 years at the building company and some emotionally difficult times Emma decided on a career change and completed a Diploma of Counselling through the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors. To accompany this qualification Emma also became a EFT (Level II) Practitioner, FasterEFT Practitioner (Certificate I from founder Robert Smith), completed Level I Reiki and Level 1 NLP. Emma is also a member of the Australian Counselling Association and South Australian Professional Counsellors Association.

Emma can say with her hand on her heart that each and every tool or technique that she teaches in her clinic is a tool or technique that has helped her at a point in her life, when she has struggled emotionally.

Emma‘s favourite technique to facilitate major client transitions is EFT.

EFT is a emotion release technique to help release the blocks that are holding people back from achieving their dreams and aspirations. After transforming her own life through the use of EFT, Emma wanted to help do the same for others. Emma discusses with clients that by peeling back old layers of fear, limitation and struggle, they will start to feel good on the inside, and as a result their life on the outside will also start to thrive.  Emma couldn’t be happier with her life at its present state, and attributes the changes that occurred in her life to the EFT technique.

Emma’s mission through Positive Outlooks is to:

  • Help clients to finally experience relief from anxiety and depression
  • Assist business owners to identify and remove the limiting beliefs that are holding their businesses stagnant or stopping their businesses from thriving
  • To help single women to clear their love blocks and magnetise their soul mates
  • To assist clients moving through the grief process
  • Help clients to improve their health through changes in their mindset (including managing pain)
  • Assisting clients to learn how to tune in and to trust their intuition

Private Health Funds

Positive Outlooks ARHG Provider Number is AC09957T allowing clients who are members to the following health funds to claim for sessions:

  • Police Health Fund
  • Emergency Services Health
  • Phoenix Health
  • St Lukes Health
  • CUA Health (Telehealth only)
  • Teachers Union Health
  • AIA
  • Westfund