Are you thinking of working with Emma? Read the recommendations below to hear what other people have said about working with her.

“When I booked the session, it wasn’t at all about my infertility but everything come out and that was a big one. I was carrying so much trauma and guilt I didn’t realise. After years of struggling with infertility and the triggers that come with it, expensive medical treatments, drugs and supplements. The things we worked through together I had never said out loud before, and the feeling I had afterwards I’d never experienced before. 2 weeks later I was pregnant! It’s amazing what you do and I have always wanted to thank you again. So thank you!! I will forever reap the rewards of our one session for the rest of my life”

“I’ve been thinking about you and how much I feel you have helped me overcome some massive barriers for a while now and just wanted to send you a thanks!

So much positivity has happened in my life since our last session and I have truly had a different outlook on the way I manage challenges now.

When I first came to you I was feeling extremely defeated and really had given up. I knew what I wanted to do and how to do it but I just didn’t have the energy or belief in myself that these things were achievable.

Since our last session I have had the most growth and change I feel I have had in years! 
Since our last session I have:

  • Completed all my study and enrolled in a new Diploma
  • Started a new job with an amazing and supportive business
  • Had honest conversations with friends that needed to be had
  • I now refuse to let others behaviours have impact on me. 
  • And out of the blue, I met someone who I feel extremely comfortable letting into my life. For the first time in 10 years it has felt easy and natural getting to know someone who I see potential in being a good fit for me.

I don’t even know how many people I have recommended you to so I hope they have listened.
I feel like the focus on my own mental health and barriers has been the best thing I’ve done this year.
So thankyou so much for our coaching sessions!”

“Our sessions are one of the reasons why I have such a big smile on my face! They gave me the courage to make the changes I needed to do, so that I could create the life I wanted – so thank you”

A friend posted a link on Facebook to your business. I was in need of ‘something’ to help me. Asking her about you, and pressing send on my email were both way out of my comfort zone. But here I am 3 years later I believe, still looking forward to my appointments, still stepping outside of comfort zones and forever thankful for your guidance & support. I don’t think I will ever be able to both express how you have helped, and continue to help me on this crazy journey called life. If there is ever anyone you can benefit from having on your side, it’s Emma. Step out of your comfort zone, do it, you won’t be disappointed. Instead, forever enriched. Much love x

It was honestly so amazing to be heard in such a safe place that Emma created to make me feel so comfortable to release a lot of emotions I’ve been burying. I have been feeling a lot lighter since our session together and can’t thank Emma enough.

Emma has a way of uncovering things you’d never realised you’d buried in such a gentle, considerate and thoughtful way. She listens to, and remembers the tiniest details, making you feel important, cherished and respected. She has helped me to achieve things I never thought possible and has assisted in changing my life for the better

Wow, just completed an EFT Workshop with Emma and what an inspiring evening. Incredibly gifted & talented at what she does Emma loves nothing more than empowering others to unlock their true potential. Highly recommend for anyone thinking of joining a future workshops to go for it, a great starting point and introduction to EFT In a relaxed environment

I started seeing Emma around 4 months ago. I initially went because I felt like I was at a real cross roads in my life. Anxiety is something that I have struggled with for a long time, it is something that has always seemed to have got the better of me. I went into my first session with Emma thinking that anxiety is something I would have to learn with because I wasn’t a strong enough person to conquer it, I felt trapped. I had incredibly low self-esteem and self-worth. Working through these issues with Emma has helped me immensely in all aspects of my life. She has taught me the power to reach any of the goals I set for myself and that I deserve to have a good life. Since working with her there has been a huge improvement in my anxiety, I have lost 25 kilos, booked a trip overseas but most importantly I’m starting to like myself again after many years

Today I had the pleasure of letting go of my emotional baggage with Emma. I believe in chance meetings and I am so glad I met Emma as a client of mine. When I think of counsellors I think of clinical, medication and awkwardness! What I got was down to earth, honesty, guidance, respect and a cutting of ties that had to be healed from many generations within me. Emma understood my spiritual side and was totally on my level! I even got my angel cards done for me. I am finally practising what I preach to my clients by filling up my cup and dealing with the demons that keep chasing me. – Alex Mudge

I am loving working with Emma, I would recommend her to anyone who is wanting to make changes in their life. She is simply amazing and after each session I walk away with a huge smile and feeling what I dream of is 100% achievable

Thank you so much Emma, I feel so much more in control of my emotions then I have in a long time. I can start to feel more like me again. You are an amazing lady

Emma is so easy to talk to and I would highly recommend her

My EFT sessions with Emma provided clarity that I would have not otherwise gained. Emma has a strong intuitive gift that helps to get to the underlying issues and release them. Emma has helped me to clear stuck feelings and beliefes around my artwork that enabled me to move forward in an area that I love. The insights I have gained have also allowed me to move forward with my business plans. Thank you

Hi Emma, its been a while so I thought I would just check in with you. I’m feeling a lot better lately and each week when it comes to me going out alone or to do something there’s been less panic attacks. Thank you for giving up your time to help me, you’ve made me become more happy and confident and each day I’m getting stronger and stronger

I have been working with youth for many years now and Emma came into some of my students lives and performed EFT on them. These students have many different issues they are facing in life from personal, mental health, school, everyday barriers and many more. I have not had one student tell me they did not want to see Emma again in fact they are asking when their next appointment is.

Emma offered me an opportunity to see what FasterEFT was so I had an understanding of what she was performing on these students. I have never felt more clear minded and had a better understanding of my life’s struggles. I have continued to see Emma on a regular basis and will continue for many more years to come. Thankyou Emma for not only the help you have given me but the positive outlooks you have been able to give to the students I work with

I have experienced so much indecision in relation to my working life over the past few years to the point I just couldn’t move forward – even though I was not happy in my job. One session with Emma a fortnight ago changed all that. I have finally gained clarity around the issues in relation to my work and am taking action. It feels so good to finally be able to take some clear steps forward

I have a 7 year old child who has anger issues and anxiety. As a parent I was at my wits end on what to do to help him with this. Emma has helped him understand what triggers these feelings and shown him strategies on  how to try and control this. This has helped me have an understanding of what is going on in his mind. I put my trust in Emma to continue working with him to improve behaviours, self-esteem and regain confidence so he can make better choices for his future.

Emma he says thankyou for playing fun games and drawing funny faces