Connecting to Your Body

Connecting to Your Body

Are you someone that can be ‘stuck in your head’?

Do you compulsively over think or are you sometimes paralyzed by fearful thoughts?

This can be our brains way of trying to protect us from pain and can even be the result of trauma in some cases.

We may have left our body in our childhood because of chaotic environments, or a lack of safety, and our brain has been protecting us ever since with this overthinking.

Or perhaps it’s become our minds way of helping to survive in a stress environment.

Continuing this pattern of being ‘stuck in our head’ in adulthood can leave us on autopilot, or in some cases feeling disconnected from the world around you.

Sometimes it can even leave us without a sense of who we are, or what we are moving towards in life.

Learning to come back to the body and returning to the body is foundational in healing.

Learning to come back to the body was transformational in my healing journey.

A quick tip to help you come back to your body can be finding a safe place to take a deep breath in, while having a hand on your heart.

As you take this deep breath, focus on any sensations you can start to feel in your body.

As you feel the sensations breathe in and out as you continue to focus on these sensations.

Take this process another step further, by putting a name on the sensations that you can feel, for example “I feel a pressure in my chest, and a weight on my shoulders”.

As you continue to take breaths in and out, follow with the mantra “I am safe within my body”, and continue to take breaths and repeat the mantra until you start to feel your body relax and centre.

Are you stuck in your head?

What is something you can do for you today to return to your body?