Life is a mirror

Life is a mirror and reflects back our inner thoughts and beliefs.

Life is a mirror

I always find it overwhelming, how we criticise, berate and torture ourselves with negative comments.

We wouldn’t dare to speak to anyone else we know in this manner, yet we treat ourselves like this on a daily basis.
A challenge I have been proposing to clients (and to myself!) is to imagine speaking to yourself as a 5 year old child. …
Imagine this now……..

Are you like me, and sense your self talk move to a completely different space?

How would life as a mirror reflect back these kinder and more gentler thoughts in your life?

Is your inner self building up that 5 year old child, or is your inner self leaving that 5 year old child crying in the corner?

Join my clients and I as we make the shift to gentler self talk. Even 2 minutes a day of positive self talk will help positively change your life mirror reflection.