When the wrong turn becomes the right turn

When the wrong turn becomes the right turn

Has anyone else missed the new Yorkes turn off at Port Wakefield recently?
I did this week.

Initially frustrated that I missed the turn and my morning was impacted, I pulled my mindset together.
I embraced the spirit of adventure and took a detour through Lochiel.
Lochiel is close to my heart after playing 5 years of netball for the Hummocks Netball Club where I formed many special friendships.

As I passed through Lochiel, I took the opportunity to finally visit Lake Bumbunga.
For so many years I’ve said to myself I need to visit the famous salt lake, and I’m so pleased I finally took the opportunity! ….. as you can see by the photos Ollie enjoyed the adventure as much as myself.

As I drove back to Yorkes it reminded me that life doesn’t always turn out the way we want.
Sometimes we miss the turns we desperately wanted to take.
Sometimes the roads we wanted to follow are closed and we have to follow a detour.
If we are brave enough to accept the detour with an open heart and open mind, the detour can often be even more fulfilling and exciting then the original.

What detour in your life do you need to accept or make peace with?
Is there a new path that you could be taking at this time?