Boundaries are a necessary part of self-care, just like washing your hair or wearing shoes to protect your feet.

They are healthy, normal, and necessary.

Boundaries teach people what you will and won’t accept in relationships.

Boundaries can feel like a lot of work, but are essential to build a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

As a reforming people pleaser, I have been on a journey to find strength and the courage to maintain my boundaries.

I am learning that boundaries are a form of self-care.

I have learnt that my inner self thanks me when my boundaries are strong.

I have learnt my self-esteem and confidence are improving from stronger boundaries.

I have learnt when I say no, I have more free time to devote to my passions and priorities.

I have noticed parents with strong and healthy boundaries teach their children how to do the same.

My wish is for us all to learn how to respect ourselves, our time and energy levels with healthy boundaries.

How strong are your boundaries?

What area of your life needs stronger boundaries?