Realistic goal setting

Realistic goal setting

Realistic goal setting is a common theme creeping into the clinic space recently.
I have spoken with some clients who are frustrated that they aren’t reaching, achieving or meeting their personal goals.
When we have debunked the goal setting process, we have uncovered the goals set are HUGE and in reality feel unrealistic to the client.

I liken unrealistic goals to expecting yourself to run a 10 kilometre marathon nonstop without any preparation training, and then becoming frustrated, disappointed and dispirited for failing to achieve the personal goal that you weren’t appropriately prepared for.

Don’t forget, goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality. I always believe the key to setting these successful and motivating goals are to divide them into small, bite sized, realistic chunks with rewards along the way.

The other important step is to ensure your goals make you feel motivated when you think about them, and not make you feel weighed down, depressed or unobtainable.

What goal are you working towards?
Do you need to divide your goal into a smaller, and more achievable goals to start?
Does your goal motivate you or deflate you?