Rising above insecurities

A month ago, a few random situations in my personal life had triggered some insecurities for me.

I had forgotten how much easier life was without so many of these insecurities niggling away at me so frequently.

These insecurities started screaming at me “I can’t believe you said that”, “no one wants to hear what you have to say”, “no one likes you” and the taunting continued.

After a centring routine of EFT and some journaling, it helped me to become aware that my self-esteem had taken an unexpected knock. To address the situation, I set 3 goals for the week ahead:

– to eat healthy each day including avoiding sugary soft drinks (that had crept back way too frequently into my schedule)
– to move my body each day (with walking, running or gym) and
– to not say yes to anything I didn’t want too

I found after each day of sticking to my promise that it helped to boost my self-confidence, as I knew each day of sticking to a promise to yourself is saying to yourself that you are valuable and worth the commitment.

As I experienced and as we all know, there is no better feeling of finally achieving something you’ve been working at, and by the week’s end I was starting to feel back to the old me.

The link to promises and our confidence always fascinates me, and I love discussing it with clients, and it was great to finally remind myself again in a practical sense how simple goal setting could pull myself out of an unexpected rut!

Are you struggling with some insecurities like I was?
What are 3 realistic promises you can make to yourself for the next 7 days?
I would love to hear about your experiences!

Rising above insecurities