Self Isolation Observations

Self Isolation Observations

I thought I would make some space to reflect on what I’ve been noticing in my self isolation time.

I’m finally committing to my health on a deep level as I take my vitamins, eat plenty of healthy fresh fruit and veg. I have added Vitamin C and Vitamin D to my health regime, and upped my water intake. I’ve also added daily morning and nightly walks in the fresh air and I can feel my body thanking me for the extra care it’s been wanting from me.

I was so grateful for the space and time for a relaxing yin yoga session on Zoom with the amazing MyYoga SA that I wouldn’t normally have been able to jam into my hectic schedule (keep posted to MyYogaSA socials for more virtual classes coming!)

It’s been a nice to experience listening to music on a deeper, soul level as I’m more in the present then ever. And when connecting with friends and clients online our laughter is more frequently rolling to a level that is contagious between us that has never been reached before in those connections.

I’ve loved having the opportunity for my kid clients to show me “their worlds” online and introduce me to their much loved pets. I’ve met dogs, cats, birds and even a tame rat in the past week alone!

I’m so grateful that technology is enabling us to maintain our connections (and even our working lives in some cases) at this time, and I’m impressed how effective it is, especially with the EFT technique!

I’ve loved seeing the joy of expression on one of my clients faces when they saw me wearing my Aussie Battler Co. sweat shirt on FaceTime and shrieked with excitement “wow, your just like us when your at home”.

And I love how safe my home feels as I diffuse my Young Living Thieves and Purification oils in rotation in my diffuser at home (the equivalent of OnGuard for the doTerra crews out there!)

And I’ve made the silent promise to myself to not complain about this time on my own with no commitments as it’s this non committal time that I’ve been wishing years for.