Soulful Single Coming Soon

Soulful Single Coming Soon

I am getting sooooo close to finally completing my brand new ‘Soulful Single’ online course.

For over 12 months I have dragged my feet creating this course that has been in the back of my mind since I first started this business back in 2013.

Those that know me well, know I am normally an unstoppable machine when I start a project, but this is something that I have procrastinated on.

When I was honest with myself about why I was procrastinating, I was scared of releasing this online course.
I was scared of what people may say.
I was scared people may mock me for it.
I was scared of being vulnerable in public.
I was scared of people knowing that love is something that hasn’t happened for me for a long time.
I was scared of being raw.
I was scared of accepting that at times I have struggled to be single while all my friends are happy in relationships.

Slowly, I chipped away piece by piece not only at this course, but also my fears connected to releasing this course.
I am so pleased that I can now say I am proud of the finished product and so excited to share it very soon.

….and what pushed me through the fear is knowing in my heart that it is part of my life purpose to share this course with the other single women out there to help them find love as I have done for so many clients and friends