2019 reflections

As 2019 draws to a close and we prepare to enter a brand new decade, the last few days present the perfect opportunity to reflect on the year it’s been, as an important step to integrate your teachings for the year.

This reflection also sets a powerful intention to take your new themes into 2020 (and into the new decade) as you leave outdated modes of being and thinking in the past.

I have left a list of my favourite journal questions to reconcile the year that I have just worked through:

– What were your key themes and area of focus in 2019?
– What did you achieve in 2019 that you never thought was possible?
– How did you expand, grow and shift this year?
– Who did you become in 2019?
– What were your top 5 moments of the year?
– What are you really glad is over?
– How different are you from 365 days ago?
– Is there anything you achieved that you forgot to celebrate?
– What is something you tolerated for a long time but now you will not?
– What old beliefs did you let go of?
– What was the one thing you found challenging, but can now see supported your growth?
– What do you need to do differently to create a different result?
– If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself this time last year?
– Was anything neglected, avoided or did not come to fruition? Why? What do you need to do differently to create a different result?
– What new desires are bubbling away that your ready to pursue in 2020?

I highly recommend this process to honour how much you’ve grown in 2019 and to set a powerful intention for the life you want to live in 2020.

After just finishing this process I’m left feeling so much stronger and confident, and ready to step into the person I’ve always wanted to be in 2020