Surrender in travel

On my way home from my recent holiday, I reflected how I love when control is wrestled from my grip on holidays as I move into a continual state of surrender within the experience.

I find when I’m in this state of surrender, I’m more willing to take risks, I stay in the present moment, I fully absorb my surroundings, I find it easier to listen to my intuition and as a result receive guidance for what steps forward will help me reach my dreams.

As opposed to when I’m in normal routine, where it is so easy to try and control life. It is so easy to become stuck in my head, to stop noticing my surroundings and to even begin fearing taking risks.

My aim for returning back to work was to take this state of holiday surrender with me back into normal life, as life is so much more fun when I’m in the present and taking risks!

How can you surrender more in your life?
How can you let go of control?
Do you need to put the phone down more to be in the present?

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Surrender in travel